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[ed:  those of you following AIDS organizing internationally will find this 
of interest.  Jacques' links are in French, and you can use the translation 
links on the COMM-ORG home page in you do not read French.]

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This is a great day!

Brazil and other third world countries have decided to make copies of 
for AIDS instead of paying millions to companies who own patents on these
products. WTO said that medication is just another market product and this is a
violation of the rules! Well, when millions are about to die in the third world
because of these rules, the best thing to tell them off!

If you can read French, there is something here that could shed more light on
these AIDS matters. In this article of "La Presse" newspaper, we learn that 
Brazil and India are using "exception" in international agreements  to make 
their own generic medication against aids. The cost is therefor a lot 
cheaper. But industrialised countries are often exerting pressure on the 
third world by the threat of economic sanctions.

If you have problem translating from French to English, conctact me and I see
what I can do.

and more texts:

I just hope that the same initiative will occurs about food!

Jacques Mercier,
Quebec, Canada

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