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Tue Dec 5 09:37:42 CST 2000

[ed:  thanks to Linda for the information addressing Tay's query.]

From: Linda Bosma <bosma at epi.umn.edu>

Hi Tay,
The Alliance of the Street in Minneapolis, Minnesota has been organizing people
who are homeless for over a decade.  They've worked on police-community
relations as well as housing issues, set up one of the early voice-mail systems
for people without addresses, and done a lot of excellent work.  You could
contact Herb Frey or Tom Logren (sp) at 1829 Portland Avenue South,
Minneapolis, MN  55404 or call 612-870-0529.  This group was formed by homeless
persons, and many people who are now staff were formerly homeless.  They have
done some excellent work here.  Good luck! Linda Bosma

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