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[ed:  please copy COMM-ORG with your responses to Phillip's query.  A 
resource from me below. ]

From: "Prof. Phillip L. Clay" <plclay at MIT.EDU>

I am interested in teaching materials (e.g. articles, cases, etc.) to
inform and sensitize students to issues of race, class and gender in
community organizing and community development practices.

Phillip L. Clay
Professor and Associate Provost
Mass. Institute of Technology  Room 3-234
77 Mass. Ave.
Cambridge, Mass. 02139
617-253-6164 phone
617-253-8312 fax
email:  plclay at mit.edu

[ed:  I like Felix G. Rivera and John L. Erlich. Community Organizing in a 
Diverse Society Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1992. Also, always feel welcomed 
to contribute your syllabi to the COMM-ORG "Syllabi" page.]

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