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[ed:  thanks to Michael and Claire for resources addressing Anna's rural 
organizing query.]

From: Michael Gordon <mgordon at uwm.edu>

I suggest you contact the Wisconsin Rural Development Center, 125 Brookwood 
Drive, Mout Horeb, Wisconsin 53572. Phone: 608-437-5971.  The WRDC's 
founding director, Tom Lamm (who left the organization many years ago) 
studied and applied Alinsky's approach as he organized farmers in the early 
1980s.  You may learn more about him and the WRDC from Professor Jess 
Gilbert, Department of Rural Sociology, at the University of 
Wisconsion-Madison.  His e-mail is: gilbert at ssc.wisc.edu

Michael Gordon


From: Cemarcy at aol.com

Iowa CCI is a group that organizers family farmers in Iowa.  They have
done some exciting direct action organizing against factory farms and the
pork check off.  They've also been part of some CRA campaigns over the years.
  The director is Joe Fagan and I don't have his # with me, but they are part
of the National People's Action network.  Links can be found at NPA's
website, or you can get their number by calling the National Training and
Information Center (NTIC) at (312) 243-3035.  Good luck!

Claire Marcy
Blocks Together
Chicago, Illinois

[ed:  NPA is linked from the COMM-ORG "CO Groups and Networks" page.]

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