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We are trying to develop case studies of exemplary evaluations of social
economic and community development initiatives to be used to educate
evaluators, program directors and foundation staff. We are particularly
interested in evaluations of projects that seek to increase the access to
capital and develop the workforces in lower income communities. These case
studies would be part of a publication on evaluation that will be
distributed nationally. We would develop these case studies in collaboration
with the evaluators and other relevant stakeholders.

Exemplary evaluations should include as many of these characteristics as

A clear conceptual framework (logic model, theory of change);
Clearly defined measures;
Measures that fit their objectives;
An analysis;
Take a comprehensive approach (multiple components, multiple methods);
Have an completed (immediate or long term) outcome component, not just
activities; and
Utilized the evaluation and engage the community.(very important)

If you have questions, nominations, or would like have their evaluation
considered, please contact me as soon as possible. We would like to present
these case studies as part of a conference to be held on February 1-2.
Representatives of the selected case studies may be invited to attend.

dchavis at capablecommunity.com
David M. Chavis
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