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[ed:  please copy COMM-ORG with any good organizing stories addressing Mona 
Gil de Gibaja's query.  A thought from me below.]

From: "Mona K. Gil de Gibaja" <gildegib at rcf-fs.usc.edu>

I have not posted on the list for a long time, but I thought I might be 
able to benefit from the experience others have had with organizing in the 
Jewish community as I am teaching  a course in the Spring on Community 
Organizing and Working with Community Agencies for rabbinical students.  I 
co-developed this course about 4 years ago, taught it twice and am teaching 
it again after about 2 years off.  I use a nice combination of early CO 
works, chapters from books, articles and other pieces I have collected over 
the years.  However, it would be great if I could have stories or materials 
from people who have been successful in organizing in Jewish temples or 
synagogues or communities.  In addition, I am also looking for guest 
speakers in the Los Angeles area who might want to host a visit to their 
site for the students or would like to speak at a class.  My hope is to 
make this class more practical and applicable in the latter part of the 
semester so that the students can really apply this in their life as rabbis.

Thank you in advance for any assistance any one may have to offer.  I look 
forward to your responses.

Mona Gil de Gibaja

[ed:  the Jewish Organizing Initiative (http://www.Jewishorganizing.org/ 
linked from the COMM-ORG CO Groups and Networks page), and Gather the 
People (http://www.gatherthepeople.org linked from the COMM-ORG Training 
and Technical Assistance page) may be of help.]

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