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[ed:  thanks to Joel for responding to Mona Gil de Gibaja's query.]

From: Joel Simon <jsimon at okrent.com>

 I used to work for an organization here in Chicago called the Jewish Council 
on Urban Affairs. Our main activity was working with non-jewish communities 
on issues of urban justice (housing, jobs, police conduct, communuity 
development) but an important portion of the JCUA's work was working to 
educate jweish commuinities and congregation about these issues. Go to 
<www.jcua.org> for more information. Rabbi Bruce Elder now heads the 
synagogue outreach and would be a great speaker, as would the organization's 
founder Rabbi Robert Marx, still an active board member.

I believe that Minneapolis, San Francisco, and New York also have similar 
organizations. New York's is called Jews for Racial and Economic Justice. Los 
Angeles also has one whose name escapes me. If I think of it, I'll let you 
             Good Luck, 
             Joel Simon

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