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The Youth Policy Institute (YPI) is seeking motivated, effective person for
one VISTA Leader position, who will work with 7 urban welfare-to-work sites.
The VISTA Leader will work out of YPI's Los Angeles office and be part of
YPI's senior project staff.  The VISTA Leader will be an integral part of
YPI's Community Building and EmpowerNET strategy in 7 communities nationwide:
Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, DC, Pittsburgh, Memphis, Louisville, and
Prince George's County, Maryland.  The VISTA Leader will assist YPI in
dealing with critical community issues like sustainability, "digital divide,"
and self-sufficiency.  The VISTA Leader will work with 13 VISTA Members at
the sites to empower low-income residents to shape the futures of their own
communities. (To qualify, candidate must have completed one year of VISTA or
be a returning Peace Corps Volunteer).

The seven sites are funded by the U.S. Departments of Labor and Education.
These grants will assist thousands of participants with welfare-to-work and
technology services.  The VISTA Leader will work closely with welfare-to-work
professional staff, faculty and students from partner universities, and
national YPI staff.  The Leader will be responsible for assisting and
encouraging VISTA Members at each of the sites to develop long-term capacity
and meet the goals of their service.  The Leader will work with on-site VISTA
Members to develop and write grant proposals for additional program funding.
The Leader will assist the national YPI staff in fundraising for overall
program sustainability.  The Leader will generate publicity for the program.
Also, the Leader will find national content for the community-based
"EmpowerNET" websites.

The VISTA Leader will support VISTA members in the following activities:
-   Community Building and Resident Empowerment;
-   EmpowerNET;
-   Community Technology Center;
-   Client-Driven Governance Structure;
-   Community-Based Research;
-   University Partnerships;
-   Industry-Educator Collaboratives; and
-   Quality Assurance and Evaluation.

YPI national staff in Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and New York City will
train and support the VISTA Leader.  YPI was founded in 1979 by David
Hackett, a former close aide to John and Robert Kennedy.  YPI's mission is to
foster community building and neighborhood empowerment for lower-income and
minority communities, with the goal of attaining social and economic justice.

The VISTA Leader will be starting in early 2001 for a one-year term.  Members
will receive a living stipend, a comprehensive benefits package, and an
educational award at the completion of their year of service.  Relocation
expenses will also be covered.  All ages are encouraged to apply.  Please
contact Jeff Caltabiano at 323/957-1057 or JeffCalt at for more

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