query: multi-local CDCs

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Sun Dec 17 14:17:05 CST 2000

Hi COMM-ORG.  Your humble moderator/editor here.  A query.

I am writing a paper on the relationship between development and organizing 
(I know, can't seem to get it out of my system).  I am hoping to find out 
whether there are any cases of "multi-local" CDCs partnering with "local" 
community organizing groups.  In such a partnership, the community 
organizing group manages the planning and the large CDC comes in only to 
implement the plans on the community organizing group's terms.

A multi-local CDC is one which is *not* tied to any particular 
neighborhood.  This might also included non-profit housing development 
organizations or economic development organizations.  These are large, 
highly capitalized organizations.

A local community organizing group is one which *is* tied to a particular 
neighborhood.  These are often low-budget, even informal groups.

I followed up on the responses to Mike Hodge's October 12 COMM-ORG query on 
the same topic and it appears that there are no such cases.  I just want to 
do my best to make sure before I run off and say that the "Stoecker" model 
is just an academic fantasy and exists only in his imagination.  :-)

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