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Sun Dec 24 12:46:25 CST 2000

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Hi, folks,
My name Igor Kokarev, I am Russian researcher traveling from Coast to Coast
and doing research on Community organizing and "social capital" at grassroots
level in the USA. David Chavis once introduced me already and your
participation made this part of travel very successful so far. Thanks to
everybody, especially to Gillian Kay and Dan Karen, David Chavis, Paul
Vandeventer,  Neal Richman and Mark Gerson.
Now I am scheduling my trip back from LA to New York since January 15 by car
(with my family - Eya, 3,5 years dauther Jenia and son Ivan who is two months
old). The way supposed to go through the following cities:
LA  -  San Diego CA
SD  -  Tucson AZ
T     -  El Paso TX
EP  -  Ft Stockton TX
S    -  San Antonio TX
SA  -  Beamont TX
B    -  Baton Rouge LA
BR  -  New Orleans LA
NO  -  Tallahassee Fl
T     -  Atlanta GA
A    -  Columbia SC
C    -  Rocky Mount NC
RM -  Baltimore MD
B    -  New York
Would you, please, help me with contacts in these cities - to meet community
organizers, to talk and interview them about how quality of local life
depends on community efforts, which local institutes are the centers of
community organizing and community activity, are the elderly people the most
influential driving force in communities nowadays, are there only poor
communities fighting for survival and defense local interests or affluent
communities have also developed community activity and what is the deference
between having and not having activism in communities, what is Healthy
Community and more...
Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to everybody and good luck in new Millennium.

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