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From: "Doug Hess" <DHess at frac.org>

I am wondering how people on this list see McCain-Feingold's ban in issue
advocacy advertisements affecting their work.  The AFL-CIO, and several
other groups, are coming out against this ban.	

I'd be interested in hearing about how people precieve these ads, or use
them. My own take on it is that the money these ads might be better spent
on developing more authentic forms of community political action.  I once
saw a group spend about $250,000 on an advertisement that showed little
impact.  A quarter million dollars could buy you a small team of
experienced organizers for a year and pay their overhead.  Although I
think that organizing ignores polling, media buys and other modern
campaign management techniques at its peril, I am wondering if many see a
ban on issue advocacy ads as really harmful to progressive organizing.

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