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CCC is a national non-profit organization that is dedicated to building the
power and capacity of low-income community groups to represent the interests
of poor people locally and in the broader public arena.  It pursues this
mission by providing capacity-building assistance and policy support to
low-income organizations across the country by providing expert advice on
community organizing, leadership and board development, strategic planning,
and fundraising, and housing, economic and job development, transportation,
healthcare, education and other issues affecting the lives of poor people.
The Center also helps community groups build broader alliances to address
key policy issues at the local, state and national level.

The Center seeks is Currently Recruiting for the following positions:

Position: Deputy Director of Field Services

Reports to: Director of Field Services

Responsibilities: Work with the Director of Field Services in overseeing and
managing technical assistance efforts to low-income communities and
community-based organizations. The Deputy Director is responsible for
helping to develop and sustain an effective field operation - including
managing administrative and financial aspects of the field work, supervising
and supporting various programs and field staff, particularly those located
in the Washington office and Eastern Region, and ensuring that the fieldwork
is consistent and accountable to the mission, vision, and strategic
directions of the Center. The Deputy Director would also provide technical
assistance to community-based organizations on limited basis, and assist
with fundraising, including preparation of funding proposals and reports.

Qualifications: Strong management and staff supervision skills, with at
least five years in a senior management role, with supervisory
responsibilities, in a nonprofit community-based organization. In-depth
understanding, knowledge, and at least give years of direct experience in
organizational development, community organizing, affordable housing
development, and/or economic development work. History of work in and with
communities of color.


Position: Program Evaluator

Reports to: Director of Planning and Operations

Responsibilities: Designing, developing, and implementing an expanded
in-house evaluation capacity within CCC, including coordinating and staffing
an evaluation committee, helping to define and articulate the purpose and
scope of the Center. Work with program staff to develop workplans and
timetables for various evaluation projects (evaluation methods will include:
evaluation questions, variables to be studied, data collection and sampling,
data analysis plan, procedures for protecting confidentiality of study
participants, etc). Incumbent will develop scopes of work for, identify,
manage, and assess performance of evaluation of consultants under contract
at the Center. Develop mechanisms for soliciting and welcoming constructive
feedback our the Center's work on a formal and informal basis from multiple
sources, including community groups, CCC staff, funders, current and
potential partner institutions. Other responsibilities include: collection
of data from surveys, interviews, focus groups, secondary data; preparation
of reports describing purpose, methodology, findings, and recommendations
for program improvement; make oral presentations; help identify and address
training and resource needs of program staff in evaluation through a variety
of approaches.

Qualifications: Five years experience in program evaluation and/or applied
research, with a strong background in evaluation of community-based programs
and/or social justice initiatives. Excellent analytical and problem-solving
skills, innovative thinker, sound judgement and initiative, and excellent
report-writing and oral communication skills. Substantive experience with,
understanding of and commitment to low-income and minority grassroots
organizations and poverty issues.


Position: Organizational Development/Community Organizing Specialist

Reports to: Director of Field Services

Responsibilities: Assist low-income community-based organizations to become
organizationally stronger and more effective in carrying out their
respective missions. Assess organizational development and community
organizing needs and develop and implement workplans to address those needs.
Work with board, staff, and members of CBOs on a range of organizational
development activities, including program planning, management, and
evaluation. Assist CBOs to develop or strengthen community-organizing
strategies. Assist CBOs to develop the strength and capacity of their boards
and leaders through training and other leadership development activities.
Help CBOs to develop strategies for building alliances, partnerships, and
coalitions with other organizations to enhance their power and capacity to
win on issues, launch programs, and
achieve their goals. Position involves extensive travel, generally 2-4 day

Qualifications: Minimum of 5 years in a senior staff position in a nonprofit
community-based organization or as a provider of technical assistance to
CBOs. Demonstrated experience in organizational assessment and development,
including knowledge of, and ability to deliver assistance and training on:
building an organization, strategic planning, board development, fundraising
strategies, fiscal and personnel management, program development, leadership
development, and coalition building. Experience in community organizing,
including basic principles of community organizing, development of leaders
and organizations in an organizing context, issues and campaign development,
and training new organizers.


Position: Researcher

Reports to: Director of Planning and Operations

Responsibilities: Will work in close collaboration with our public policy
and field programs, working with staff colleagues, with local grassroots
groups, and with colleague organizations to research, analyze, and address
key policy issues which low-income people face.

Create methodologies for data gathering and analysis working in tandem with
issue experts.  Help community groups to collect data through a variety of
mechanisms (surveys, interviews, focus groups, secondary data sources,
etc.), analyze data, and prepare written reports.  Engage in direct data
collection to supplement research done by local groups. Assist community
groups-through on-site visits, telephone consultations and workshops-with
research-related work.  Respond to research questions raised by local groups
the Center assists, and help those groups develop their own capacity to
conduct research on issues that concern their communities. Work with local
groups to help ask the right questions, obtain data, and think through
research needed. Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: At least five years of experience in applied research and
policy analysis.  Strong background in community-based research and/or
participatory research. Sound research and methodological skills. Excellent
analytical and problem-solving skills.  Innovative thinker, sound judgement
and initiative. Excellent report-writing and oral communications skills.
Skills in project management and in working collegially and collaboratively
with other staff and consultants.  Demonstrated ability to coach.
Substantive experience with, understanding of and commitment to low-income
and minority grassroots organizations and poverty issues.  Background in at
least one of the issue areas the Center works on (economic development,
welfare reform, housing, banking and reinvestment issues, etc.) strongly
preferred. Understanding of and experience with nonprofit and
community-based organizations.

For a complete description of these positions and a list of additional
positions available at the Center for Community Change, please visit our web
site at

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