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[ed:  this message starts with a clarification from Paul, and then 
responses from John and Doug.]

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Stupid, stupid, stupid!  Several people pointed out
that, in my last message, I didn't make clear (or even
mention) the group's goals.  Which would be important,
I daresay, in figuring out appropriate actions.
(There's an understatement.)  Sorry.  I've been
working with this so closely, that I forget that not
everyone else knows the situation.  Goals are myriad.
In approximate order of priority:

1.  Get evil, harrassment prone, probably
drug-addicted/dealing manager with violent family very
fired.  (This person creates a serious climate of fear
in the park.)

2.  Stop seemingly random eviction attempts.  (Related
to #1 as they're mostly generated by evil manager)

3.  Stop rent increases

4.  Get the unhealthy sewers fixed

5.  Get the heavily potholed gravel road fixed

6.  Get fair contracts.  (Written contracts are
required by Oregon law in mobile home parks, and they
haven't had any in the 3 years the current owner

7.  Stop LL from creating/enforcing a bunch of stupid,
often illegal, rules.

Long term?? Maybe get a co-op or something together to
buy it themselves.

My own personal goal is to get them some victories and
then they expand citywide, there are a bunch of other
oppressed tenants in this place.





From: "John M. Beam" <beam at fordham.edu>

Hit him with a picket or flyering in his neighborhood [JOE JONES:
DOUBLEWIDE SLUMLORD, call this number (his house) and tell him to treat his
tenants fairly].  The advantage of going to his neighborhood, besides its
high potential for freaking him out, is that you can do it any day, any
time, depending on the availability of the members.  Picture of his house
next to one of backed up septic tanks in the trailer park provides nifty
visuals.  If folks are feeling particularly rowdy, they knock on doors and
personally hand the flyers to his neighbors instead of just leaving them on
the doors.  You really only have to do the 20 or 30 houses adjacent to and
across the street Mr. Oink's place.  Simple, flexible, and generally really
gets attention if not affection.

Flyer before you rally on his lawn in case the cops show up (high
probability) and have a squad, preferably with your favorite Legal Services
atty. ready to meet them when they drive up.  Good luck.

An option on accountability session is make with building and zoning
inspectors.  Less flexible, but they can often be persuaded to attend an
evening meeting in smaller jurisdictions.

John M. Beam


From: "Doug Hess" <DHess at frac.org>
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Subject: query: actions for mobile home residents group?
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What legal trouble would you get into from going to the owner's 
house?  Plus, only a couple miles away sounds awfully close for a small 
town, so getting some members to drive there with the others should be ok. 
Take kids along.  Prep the leaders for all contingencies (e.g., if owner 
isn't there). Bring the reporter along.

Also, what support does this campaign have from other opinion leaders in 
town? E.g., ministers, etc. Althougth it doesn't build the organization, it 
helps with the campaigning to have denser ties to the rest of the community.

BTW, where are you? Now that you've made the press you shouldn't mind 
telling. Thanks.

Doug Hess
Food Research and Action Center
Senior Policy Analyst
1875 Connecticut Ave, NW #540
Washington, DC 20009
ph. 202-986-2200 ext 3004
fax 202-986-2525

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