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From: "David M. Chavis" <dchavis at capablecommunity.com>

I am looking for contact information on local intermediary organizations.
They can be non-profits or university based. By local intermediaries I mean
an organization that uses multiple strategies to build the capacity of local
institutions, organizations, associations, etc to conduct social, economic
or community development activities including (but not limited to) community
organizing, civic participation, and community building efforts. Specific
criteria include:

1. Service a city, county or region within a state, but not larger than a
2. Provide multiple service delivery methods such as  training,
publications, grants, consultation, evaluation, etc.)
3. Broadly address economic development, community building, or community
organization and development rather than a single strategy such         as job
training or housing management.
4. Independent (I.e. not part of local government, a single funding source,
or a national organization)
5. Provide assistance to multiple non-profit and other community
organizations at a time. The more the better.
6. Primary mission is to support local initiatives.

Example include Citizen Planning and Housing Association in Baltimore;
Citizens Committee for NYC; Denver Neighborhood Resource Centers, and Pratt
Center for Community Economic and Environmental Development (NYC). Large
scale cooperative extension efforts in urban areas would be useful. Please
send me and/or the list and contact information you have. Thanks so much. I
will be glad to share the final list with this listserve.

What do you all think about these types of groups and their role?


David M. Chavis
Association for the Study and Development of Community
312 South Frederick Ave.
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
301.519.0722  ext 109 (voice)
301.519.0724 (fax)

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