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[ed:  thanks to Bill and Nancy for responses to David's intermediaries query.]

From: "Bill Ellis" <tranet at rangeley.org>

David, see the "Guidebook and List of Consultants for Creating Learning
Communities" under "RESOUCES" on <http://CreatingLearningCommunities.org>

It lists individuals and organization involved in creating learning

Bill Ellis


From: "Nancy Nye" <nancynye at sover.net>

There are many community development partnerships funded by the Ford
Foundation that function as capacity building intermediaries especially for
CDCs --  including the Neighborhood Development Support Collaborative in
Boston, Neighborhood Progress, Inc. in Cleveland, Neighborhood Partnership
Fund in Portland, OR, Community Development Support Collaborative in
Washington, DC, North Carolina Community Development Initiative (statewide)
and others in Baltimore, Newark, Camden, NJ, Philadelphia, Miami, Detroit,
Seattle, San Diego, El Paso,
New Orleans, Pittsburgh, etc. I  worked with the Center for Urban Policy
Research at Rutgers to research these groups, -- see the article that Norm
Glickman and I did in the January 2000 issue of Housing Policy Debate --
"Working Together", as well as an earlier article "Beyond Bricks and Sticks"
by Glickman and Servon in same journal.

Among university-based intermediaries you should include the Community
Development Resource Center in Wilmington, Delaware that is operated by the
University of Delaware Center for Community Development and Family Policy.
It serves the Wilmington Enterprise Community, but also serves nonprofits
statewide with training, research and information.

Nancy Nye
Community Development Consultant
P.O. Box 61
Taftsville, VT 05073

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