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[ed: especially if you know of web resources addressing Lynn's query, 
please copy COMM-ORG.  Some ideas from me below.]

From: "Lynn Gisi" <lgisi at earthlink.net>

Would anyone be willing to share a sample of one-to-one questions you use when
doing a listening process  (most often used by congregation- or
institution-based organizations) or direct me to someplace online?  I have
searched the communtiy organizing website but didn't see anything.  If you also
had a description of why doing 1-1s is important, that would be an added bonus!

Lynn Gisi
Families & Allies Working Together
Denver, CO

[ed:  the "Building Public Relationships" link on the COMM-ORG Training and 
TA page has some stuff on one-on-ones.  The "Organizing" link by Tenant 
net, also on that page, has a nice section on door-knocking, with some 
similar lessons.  See the "basics of organizing" link on their page.

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