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[ed:  Feel free to copy COMM-ORG with your replies to Cheryl's query, 
though most interesting might be the less obvious words/language that can 
promote or hinder diversity .]

From: Cheryl Frank <clf14 at cornell.edu>

Dear COMM-ORG people,

Important information is needed RIGHT AWAY, and I would appreciate your 
help. I think people working in and with communities have a much closer eye 
on these matters.



References (URLs, cites, and/or full texts) on good use of language and 
images to promote acceptance of diversity principles, procedures, and 
practices. Some people might include promoting multiculturalism as part of 
promoting diversity, but others may not.

I would like to know,  e.g., what words are offensive and what do the 
people who are being identified or described prefer to be used. What images 
are offensive and what is preferred and why. What kinds of language and 
image barriers are there to making this society (the U.S.) more just and 
fair to all?

Any helpful references on these issues would be MOST appreciated. Don't 
worry about evaluating the material as to what is really good or not--we 
just need to know what exists out there that could be useful in helping us 
think through a manual to promote diversity within our organization.

Thanks so much for any help you can give. We would love to have your 
comments and suggestions.

Please send your information and references to:

Cheryl Frank
Editor and Writer
Cornell Cooperative Extension Public Information
Diversity Catalyst Work Force Team
1156 Comstock Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-0901
Phone: 607-255-9422
Fax: 607-255-9873
(h) 607-256-7499
Email: clf14 at cornell.edu

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