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Sun Apr 15 10:24:59 CDT 2001

[ed:  if you know of good resources relating to Sarah's query, please let 
us know.  A thought from me below.]

From: Sarah Standiford <sarahs at ppnne.org>

I am looking for materials and resources about Community Mapping  for health
care outreach and, to some extent, community organizing. Any suggestions
would be much appreciated. thanks
Sarah Standiford
Community Organizer
Planned Parenthood of Northern New England
sarahs at ppnne.org

[ed:  If you are looking for information on a local area, the best resource 
might be an area University Geography department, which often has access to 
"Geographic Information Systems" software and data, and can map lots of 
stuff with relatively little effort.  For more general information, the 
COMM-ORG "Archives and Databases" page may have some useful links.]

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