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[ed:  If you know of fellowship programs other than what I list below, 
please let me know.]

From: "James Mumm" <mummj at northpark.edu>


I am taking a couple of months away from organizing to complete my
schoolwork and generally not be burnt to toast.  I have two queries for you
and the list:

1) What fellowship programs exist for organizers (especially those in
Chicago) to stop their day-to-day work and reflect, renew and recommit
themselves to the work? [I am already aware of Vallecitos Mountain Refuge
and Windcall as retreat centers, and the Ford Foundation's Leadership for a
Changing World program, the Chicago Community Trust's Community Service
Fellowship program, the Bannerman fellowship for long-time organizers of
color, and Ashoka].
2) Who is running successful organizer recruitment, training and mentoring
programs for organizers? [I am already planning to interview people from the
AFL-CIO Organizing Institute, TICO in New York, MAPP at Center for Third
World Organizing, Midwest Academy, Strategic Consulting Group on electoral
internships, ACORN, Jewish Organizing Initiative, IAF, and Southern
Empowerment Project].


James Mumm
mummj at northpark.edu

[ed:  The COMM-ORG "CO Funding" page at 
http://comm-org.utoledo.edu/funding.htm lists a couple of fellowship 
programs.  And the "Training and Technical Assistance" page at 
http://comm-org.utoledo.edu/train.htm lists many of the training programs 
with web sites.]

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