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[ed:  thanks to Eric, Bill, Paul, for the responses to Daniel's query.  All 
of the resources below are now listed on the COMM-ORG "CO Funding" page.]

From: Eric Weir <eweir at mindspring.com>

You might check out the Tides Foundation, at http://www.tides.org/.
Following are the initial three paragraphs from their "about us" page on
their web-site.

Since 1976, Tides Foundation has worked with donors committed to positive
social change. We put resources and people together--strengthening
community-based nonprofit organizations and the progressive movement
through innovative grantmaking.

We define "progressive" as creating a positive impact on people's lives in
ways that honor and promote human rights, justice, and a healthy,
sustainable environment.

In the past decade alone, we have awarded more than 100 million dollars in
grants to nonprofits working for social change in this country and abroad.
Most grants are made on the recommendation of one of our individual, family
or institutional donors who are interested funding specific issues or

Eric Weir
Decatur, GA
eweir at mindspring.com


From: "Bill Schlesinger" <pvida at whc.net>

One of the best ways to begin is www.cof.org -- the Council of Foundations.
The Council has a number of sub-groups, depending on member foundation
interests.  There are many groups moving away from traditional charity
approaches to 'social investment' -- the new paradigm for many of the
emerging philanthropic groups.


From: "Paul Wessel" <pwessel at snet.net>

See information about the Haymarket People's Fund at

Haymarket emerged from rich people with a political consciousness trying to
figure out how to give away money in ways that builds social change.
Definitely not a charity model.

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