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[ed:  Paul responds to Richard and Dixie in these messages.]

From: Paul Gowder <pgowder at yahoo.com>

 > From: "Richard Schultz" <rschultz at gis.net>
 > Hi Paul,
 > If there are violations of Oregon state laws, would
 > it make sense to ask
 > some state agency to intervene, say the Attorney
 > General's Office?

Do you think that would be better, from a
membership/organization building standpoint, than just
suing?  Given the number of violations of OR laws
they're into, if it were appropriate, a lawsuit could
be rather profitable and effective.  I've been
discouraging it because it wouldn't do much to build
member committment, etc.  Is there a reason the attny
gen would work better?  My hunch is no (plus I'm not
sure they'd intervene, though there is a state
manufactured housing ombudsman w/ a mediation program
that could step in), but if you see something I don't,
I'd love to hear...

It looks like I get a second crack at the membership
building, btw.  Things were cooling down, I was afraid
they wouldn't have the energy to do that
accountability session after all.  The manager hadn't
evicted anyone for a while.  On friday, though, they
did another stupid illegal provocative thing, yay!



From: Paul Gowder <pgowder at yahoo.com>

Dixie, can you give us (by which I mean "me") some
more details about the suit?  What state was this in?
Was it a trade libel suit or something?  Did your side
have a lawyer?  (Did your side have a *good* lawyer?
Because I'd think that this wouldn't hold up in a
libel claim for a number of reasons)  What exactly did
you say?  What were damages?



>From: "Ray, Dixie" <dray at iupui.edu>
>While I think going to the landlord's home with flyers is a good idea, I
>urge caution in the words you use. One safe way is to let the pictures speak
>for you.   Our neighborhood association was sued when a landlord was called
>a slumlord in one of our meetings.  The individual was sued (his homeowner's
>insurance paid) and the organization was sued.  The case drug on for years
>and interfered with recruitment and maintenance of membership, and we
>eventually lost the case.  We have returned to being a vital organization,
>but are more careful about what we say now.
>Dixie Ray
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