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[ed:  Paul broadens the discussion on organizer salaries to include other 
social change workers.]

From: Paul Gowder <pgowder at yahoo.com>

Yea, I'm hearing about organizer salaries ranging from
the low 20's (in rural areas) to the low 30's (in NYC
and similar places).  Unfortunately, that's similar to
what everyone who works in some non-governmental area
that serves low income people gets.  It's just a
function of the work -- if you're organizing poor
people, they really can't afford much to pay you.

If it's any consolation, public interest lawyers don't
make much either.  Around here in a rural area, we get
like $27k/year starting.  In places like NYC it can go
up to high 30's, but often doesn't.  (I think the
ACLU, for example, pays 32k/year to fellows in their
NYC head office.)

Comes with the territory.


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