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[ed:  thanks to Heidi and Dina for responding to Stephanie's query.]

From: Heidi Swarts <HJSwarts at maxwell.syr.edu>

Re Stephanie Beck Borden's query: it might be useful for your board members
to read or learn about actual cases of successful and unsuccessful interest
group lobbying/advocacy.  This forces activists to think about the actual
political landscape, power holders, constraints, etc. Two cases that come to
mind are the ERA (NOT exactly parallel, as it was a decentralized
state-by-state campaign, but still could be useful to look at activism at
the state level)--specifically, Jane Mansbridge, Why We Lost the ERA; and
also Ann Costain, Inviting Women's Rebellion: A Political Process
Interpretation of the Women's Movement. The latter does look at the national
women's movement and campaigns. Both these force the reader to think about
political context and opportunity. Also: Doug McAdam, Political Process and
the Origins of Black Insurgency, on the Civil Rights movement and what
allowed the major federal civil rights legislation to happen. These are
whole books, but it would be interesting to construct short cases based on
them and others, as many business and public policy programs use the case
study method of teaching.

Anyone know of sources of brief cases of social movement success and

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From: Dina Zarrella <dzarrella at cbhconline.org>


You may already know about these groups, but we work with Families USA based
in DC www.familiesusa.org (Health Care), Community Catalyst based in Boston
www.communitycat.org (Health Care) and Family Voices based in New Mexico
www.familyvoices.org (Children with Special Health Care Needs).

Hope they are helpful.

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