Upcoming Quebec City protests

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[ed:  Thanks to Ian for the information on the challenges facing those 
trying to tell us about what was happening in Quebec City.]

From: Ian Marlier <ian at onepost.net>

Randy (and all) --

A number of indymedia outlets had reporters in QC:
http://dc.indymedia.org, http://chicago.indymedia.org,
http://nyc.indymedia.org, http://vermont.indymedia.org,
http://sf.indymedia.org all have extensive reports, along with
http://quebec.indymedia.org, http://montreal.indymedia.org, and
http://ontario.indymedia.org.  See http://www.indymedia.org/ftaa/ for
a more comprehensive list of stories.

Independent media coverage was hampered quite a bit by police action.
I am a member of the Chicago Indymedia collective, though I wasn't in
Quebec.  We had about 12 reporters there, and they reported via
e-mail (realtime) that the CMAQ center (which was the main computer
access for indy journalists) was raided by police, who sprayed
teargas into the building and into the main work room directly.  Most
people continued to work, but it's hard to type with teargas in your
eyes, I've been told.  We also had a couple of our reporters detained
(though they were released soon after), and one was badly hurt when
he was hit by a teargas canister.

The media coverage in Quebec actually makes for a very interesting CO
study, in its own way.  Around 700 journalists, all told,
participated.  Almost all, upon arriving in QC, registered with CMAQ
and posted their reports to http://cmaq.net (aka
http://quebec.indymedia.org), as well as local indymedia sites and
often their own sites elsewhere.


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