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From: Brian Milder <milder at fas.harvard.edu>

My name is Brian Milder and I am a senior undergraduate at Harvard
University.  I'm writing to inform others of the current sit-in at
Harvard.  Since last Wednesday over forty students have occupied
Massachusetts Hall, the administrative building where the President and
Provost of the University have their offices.  Protesters are demanding
that Harvard implement a $10.25 living wage for all employees who work at
the University.  This wage is in line with the living wage set by the City
of Cambridge for its workers in 1998.

Although the sit-in has received broad-based support from workers,
students, faculty, labor unions, and prominent figures such as Sen. Edward
Kennedy, AFL-CIO Pres. John Sweeney, former Sec. of Labor Robert Reich,
and many others, the administration has refused to negotiate with
students.  A few isolated articles have appeared in The Boston Globe, The
New York Times, and The Washington Post, but in general the media
coverage of the sit-in has been scant.  If you're interested in supporting
the campaign, please consider calling or emailing Harvard administrators
and media sources.  Contact information for administrators is listed
below.  For more information about the living wage campaign at Harvard and
the sit-in see www.livingwagenow.com.

In solidarity,
Brian Milder

Neil Rudenstine, President
phone: (617) 495-1502
fax:(617) 495-1502
email: beverly_sullivan at harvard.edu

Harvey Fineberg, Provost
phone:(617) 496-5100
fax: (617) 496-4630
email: harvey_fineberg at harvard.edu

Sally Zeckhauser, VP for Administration,
phone: (617) 495-1512
fax:   (617) 496-6109
email:  sally_zeckhauser at harvard.edu

Harry Lewis, Dean of Harvard College, lewis at harvard.edu
phone: 617-495-1555
fax: 617-496-8268
email: lewis at harvard.edu

Polly Price, Associate VP for Human Resources,
Phone: (617) 496-3930
fax:   (617) 495-8937
email:  polly_price at harvard.edu

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