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[ed:  thanks to Heidi, Mark, Allegra, and Richard for the replies to 
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From: Heidi Swarts <HJSwarts at maxwell.syr.edu>

reply to Alfonso Morales on interracial organization:
Since you are in Texas, I assume you are familiar with what the IAF has done
beginning in San Antonio with COPS, and in the other major cities. When
considering "interracial organizing" it is important to distinguish what
that means: interracial with regard to the conscious, taught ideology of
organizing? (for example, as CTWO does). Interracial with regard to the
ultimate goals and results, but not the organizing ideology that is taught
to participants? That would be much faith-based organizing, as well as ACORN
(esp. at the national level) though neither of these has "interracial
organizing" as an ideology or explicit goal.

Heidi J. Swarts
Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs
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Dear Alfonso,
Your students might find my new book, just out this week, on the
Texas/Southwest Industrial Areas Foundation of interest. A major focus of
the book concerns how the network builds multi-racial cooperation. Several
chapters are devoted to examining case studies of collaborative organizing
among African-Americans, Mexican-Americans and White/Anglo community
leaders drawn from churches and schools. The book's called Dry Bones
Rattling: Community Building to Revitalize American Democracy and is
available from Princeton University Press at http://pup.princeton.edu. Your
students might also be interested in William Julius Wilson's latest book,
The Bridge Over the Racial Divide (University of California Press), which
makes a strong case for multiracial collaboration to address the country's
growing economic polarization. Wilson's book is less about the actual
organizing, and more about why it's needed, and on what basis it can be
Mark R. Warren


From: Allegra Calder <acalder at lincolninst.edu>

I would suggest that you look at the work of the Network of Alliances
Bridging Race and Ethnicity (NABRE - pronounced neighbor), a project of the
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. They can be found on the
web at http://www.jointcenter.org/nabre/index.htm.
Best of luck with your work,
Allegra Calder

Allegra Calder
Research Assistant, Program in Land Markets
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
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From: richard l wood <rlwood at unm.edu>

Mark Warren's new book, _Dry Bones Rattling_ (Princeton University Press,
2001), due out any day now, has a good discussion of the interracial
dynamics within faith-based organizing in Texas. My own book, now under
review at several presses, focuses on a comparison of race-based and
faith-based models of organizing.

Hope that helps. RLW

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