May as Recovery from Racisms Month

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[ed:  since a number of you have been interested in anti-racism work, you 
may find this message of interest.]

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Announcing May as "Recovery from Racisms Month"
You are invited to observe May as a month to focus on racial dysfunction in
our lives, in the communities in which we live and the places where we work.
The following links will connect you with background information and the
efforts of the Institute for Recovery from Racisms to promote this observance
throughout the country.
Thank you for all the work that you are doing everyday to bring racial
sobriety into the life of our nation and the global community.
May as Recovery From Racisms Month
IRR Home Page

Rev. Dr. Clarence Williams, CPPS, Ph.D.
The Institute for Recovery from Racisms
P.O. Box 13559
Detroit, MI 48213-0559
P/ 313-521-7777x2   E/ifrfr at   F/313-521-7766 

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