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The Northwest Neighborhood Federation has one opening for a 
neighborhood-based community organizer to begin by mid-May, 2001.  Starting 
salary ranges from $23,000 to $35,000, based on skills and/or 
experience.  The neighborhood is the fastest growing area in the city of 
Chicago (Belmont-Cragin) with a large Spanish speaking and Polish speaking 
population.   The community organizer must be bilingual in Spanish or Polish.


The Northwest Neighborhood Federation (501c-3 nonprofit) is a multi-issue, 
neighborhood-based community organization.  Founded in 1979, the Federation 
is made up of seven affiliate neighborhood organizations, nine schools, and 
one seniors community organization.  The 18,000 families represented by the 
Federation live in an 800-block area in Northwest Chicago from Narragansett 
to Kimball and from Armitage to Irving Park.   Our mission is to build 
powerful neighborhood organizations involving large numbers of neighbors in 
the identification, research and resolution of issues defined by the 


A NNF Community Organizer has responsibility for the development and 
maintenance of an existing member organization in a one hundred block area 
in our service area.  A community organizer has the responsibility of 
developing leadership, expanding the power base of the organization, and 
training the leadership to address multiple issues facing their 
community.  Through daily door-knocking and one-to-one visits, the 
community organizer will identify potential leaders, surface neighborhood 
concerns, and engage community members around building a multi-issue 
organization.  Other responsibilities include:
Develop an understanding of our direct action model of community organizing.
Continually develop new leaders to run the local community organization.
Address multiple neighborhood concerns through the development of leadership.
Participate in local fundraising activities, including bingo and a yearly 
local fundraising event.
Report to the Executive Director through weekly staff meetings and one on 
one meetings.
Develop and train a core group of leaders to conduct one to one visits / 
door-knocking, run and evaluate community meetings, prioritize issues, 
conduct effective research, and take action on issues.
Participate in professional development workshops / classes as needed.
Insure that local organization complete multiple local and federated issue 
campaigns federated per year.


The candidate should have an associates degree, baccalaureate degree prior, 
or relevant work experience.  Other desirable qualifications include:
Strong writing, public speaking and analytical skills.
Work experience that demonstrates the ability to accept more and greater 
Willingness to work early evenings (up to three nights per week) and 
occasional weekends.
Demonstrate the ability to think and plan strategically and to be self 
Bilingual Spanish or Polish.

Further Information

The position of community organizer will be available on May 1, 
2001.  Applications should be submitted immediately to:

The Northwest Neighborhood Federation

Attn: John Gaudette

3443 N. Central Ave.

Chicago, IL  60647

Please contact John Gaudette to schedule an interview.  This should be done 
after  you have mailed / faxed your resume to our office.

w) 773.545.9300

f) 773.545.9966

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