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[ed:  thanks to James for the kind thoughts.  Also, the Australian "citizen 
juries" roughly translates into alternative dispute resolution in the 
United States.  Please copy COMM-ORG with your responses.]

From: James Whelan <James.Whelan at mailbox.gu.edu.au>

Hi Comm-Org'ers

I've just spent a fantastic two hours surfing the Comm-Org site and
linked sites. What a blast! Advocacy informed by theory is so

My research group is looking at models of community participation in
decision-making. Our primary focus is environmental
issues/management, but we're looking further afield.

The flavour of the month in some state government agencies is citizen
juries - at least two agencies are planning to establish and trial
citizen juries to address specific environmental issues and disputes.

I would like to hear of others' experiences with citizen juries. The
story here is that "they have been effective in the States". Can
anone testify to this? (or contradict)? Can anyone point me toward
good reading on the topic?


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