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[ed:  here is another example of on-line organizing you may find of interest.]

From: "John M. Beam" <beam at fordham.edu>

Friends and colleagues,

The refurbished child tax credit as currently proposed by the Bush
Administration is just another tax credit for upper middle income and rich
families.  Social Agenda, of which I am board member, is currently leading
a national campaign pressing for full refundability for the credit, a
feature which would benefit millions of low income children.  Those
interested in automatically generating a hard copy postcard to Laura Bush
urging her to remind her husband about being gentler and kinder can go to
the website below.  (Postage included, but, of course, your contributions
are welcome.)

This site is also home base for learning about the Caregiver Credit
Campaign, which seeks to expand the amount and reach of benefits such as
the child tax credit to all caregivers.



John M. Beam

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