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From: "Voter March" <Voter at>
Subject: Independent political filsm

Voter March is offering a VHS combined tape of two great independent films 
of the counter-inaugurals:

* "Raining on the Parade: Inauguration 2001" by Deep Dish TV is a superb 
counter-inaugural independent films with a lot of time and money spent in 
professionally editing it. This 30 minute independent film has original 
footage from all of the various groups at the counter-inaugurals (including 
Voter March at Dupont Circle), along with political commentary from 
Congressional representatives and the National Press Club on the "stolen 
election" and the Bush regime.

* "Not My President - Voices from the Counter-Coup J20 2001" by the 
Independent Media Center (New York City) is another excellent 30 minute 
documentary film with action coverage of all the groups at J20, including 
Voter March (Dupont Circle and confrontation at March to 14th and K), the 
Shadow Inauguration, the International Action Center, Students for an 
Undemocratic Society, N.O.W., the anonymous Black Bloc and the new Black 
Panthers. Click on for the Indymedia audio/video trailer See what the 
mainstream media did not want you to see! We encourage you to have "house 
parties" and show these excellent independent films.


From: Stephen Hart <sahart at>
Subject: new book:  Cultural Dilemmas of Progressive Politics

To my faithful friends who keep asking or have been wondering when my new 
book would appear:

The book is finally in print!  The University of Chicago Press did a great 
job on everything about editing and producing it, including a nifty 
cover.  The final version of the title is Cultural Dilemmas of Progressive 
Politics: Styles of Engagement among Grassroots Activists.  I'm appending a 
synopsis to this note.  You can find the first chapter and a description 
with table of contents on the University of Chicago web site 
( for chap 1;  for the 
description and table of contents). 

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