query: East Oregon farmworkers

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From: Paul Gowder <pgowder at yahoo.com>

You may know me from the posts about this tenants
union in a mobile home park... Well, in addition to my
tenant's union duties, I also need to get connected
with the local farmworkers.  (Technically, I'm this
office's "farmworker attorney," even though I should
really learn Spanish real soon now.)  The problem
seems to be that there aren't any local farmworkers to
be connected with.  To wit:

I'm in Eastern Oregon.  

There's a very active farmworker group in Western
Oregon (http://www.pcun.org/).

There are a number of active farmworker groups in
Western Idaho.

But I can't find anything around here.

Does anyone have leads on organizers/union leaders for
agricultural laborers in Eastern Oregon?


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