Need speakers for a globalization forum in Utica, NY

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I am the President of the Utica Citizens in Action, a progressive 
organization located in Utica, New York.  Our organization conducts 
public policy analysis, lobbying, and community organizing on 
justice issues.  We are affiliated with Citizen Action of New York. 
group is an all-volunteer group that depends upon community 

We would like to conduct a forum in Utica on  globalization, WTO, 
and related 
issues.  We are particularly interested in using the forum to 
encourage local 
media coverage of the issue and to put continued pressure on 
NYS's political 
leadership. We are interested in holding the forum to coincide with 
the trade 
talks in NYC during late January.  We are requesting your help in 
speakers for the forum.  

We would like the forum to  explore the following topics:

impact of globalization on economically depressed communities 
like Utica
multinational domination of business
impact on environment and labor rights

We were thinking of an evening forum from 7 - 9 p.m. on a 
weekday night.  Our 
group is interested in preparing a short study on  the impact of 
globalization on the local economy; perhaps this could be released 
earlier on 
the day of the forum.  

Are there any  speakers in Upstate NY you could suggest for the 
forum?  Are 
there any television/video documentaries we could show?  

Our group is also interested in conducting a simple study to show 
the effect 
of globalization on the local economy and the loss of jobs. Would 
you suggest 
some methodologies to conduct this study?

Please put me on your mailing list and send me any reports or 
studies on 
these topics.  Kindly send me membership information, copies of 
newsletters, sample letters to the editor and guest editorials we 
could print 
in our newspaper, and other resource information.

Thank you for your assistance.


John Furman
Utica Citizens in Action
P.O. Box 411 
Utica, New York   13503-0411
(315) 829-5132
Fax: (209) 671-6584
E-mail:  JFurman835 at

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