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Help ACORN Rebuild in New Orleans

Katrina's devastation hit ACORN's headquarters and neighorhoods in New 

A letter from ACORN President Maude Hurd

Dear friends,

As President of ACORN, I want to extend our sympathies to everyone 
impacted by the Hurricane Katrina, and ask that all our members and 
friends keep them in their thoughts and prayers.

ACORN's national headquarters are in New Orleans, and the dedicated 
community leaders of Louisiana ACORN have long been at the forefront of 
efforts to win stronger neighborhoods and economic justice.

To our friends and supporters around the country, I ask your help: we 
need your support to open a temporary national headquarters in Baton 
Rouge, Lousiana, and, as soon as possible, reopen our offices in New 
Orleans. As we get up and running, we will work to help secure the 
housing, community services, and other relief our communities will badly 
need. All of this will be expensive, so please consider a contribution 
to the ACORN Hurricane Recovery and Rebuilding Fund. (Read more about 
how these contributions will be used.)

I am proud to report that members of the ACORN family are already 
pulling together to help. Houston ACORN members are preparing to host 
fleeing ACORN members in their homes, and volunteering to help other 
evacuees. ACORN Housing will help fleeing homeowners contact their 
mortgage lenders and arrange temporary forebearnce on mortgage payments 
until insurance claims are sorted out. A message board on our website 
will help members and staff reconnect.

Finally, let me say, very personally, to our ACORN members, staff and 
other residents of New Orleans: I cannot find the words to express the 
level of grief and concern that we feel for you and the loss you are 
undergoing. We pray for your safety, and hope for the best possible 


ACORN President Maude Hurd
Boston, MA

Tax-deductible checks can be sent to: ACORN Institute - Hurricane 
Recovery and Rebuilding Fund, 739 8th Street SE, Washington, DC 20003 - 
or donate online.


Please spread the word by forwarding this message to your friends.


P.S. Even in the face of this crisis, the work goes on. Visit our 
website ( to learn about important gains in our campaign 
to end Wells Fargo's predatory lending, and more.

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