US peace activist held in Australia

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Tue Sep 13 08:28:25 CDT 2005


While all of our attention has been focused on the outrage in New 
Orleans, we may not have heard the story of a U.S. peace activist and 
community organizer, Scott Parkin, being held in Australia.

Apparently, he was snatched from a Melbourne cafe and is being held in 
solitary confinement while being charged $125/day for the space.  The 
government refuses to say why he is being held.  He has apparently 
broken no laws, though he has attended a couple of peaceful protests in 
Australia and was about to do a community organizing training when he 
was grabbed from the cafe.  There are many people on this list who have 
visited Australia, attended the odd demonstration, and done a community 
organizing training or two.  Anyone who has done so may never be safe 
there again.

For more information you can go to, among 
other sources.

Randy Stoecker
moderator/editor, COMM-ORG

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