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Lincoln Lecture
October 3, 2005
Lincoln House, 113 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA
Time:  12:00 P.M. - 1:30 P.M.

A National Model For Employer Assisted Housing
Employer-assisted housing, civic leadership, and a community land trust 
are the cornerstones of a national model to expand and preserve the 
stock of affordable housing.  First Homes, an initiative of The 
Rochester Area Foundation, was launched in 1999 as an effort to 
alleviate a severe housing shortage by creating 875 housing units for 
working families in a 30-mile radius of Rochester, Minnesota.  First 
Homes began with initial leadership gifts from the Rochester Area 
Foundation and the Mayo Clinic.  Since funding kicked off in 2000, more 
than 540 new residences have been built with First Homes' funds. The 
total includes more than 315 new single-family homes and more than 225 
new below-market-rate rental units. Of those single-family totals, more 
than four dozen are community land trust properties.

Using the experience of First Homes, this lecture will discuss the 
theory, practice and viability of the Employer Assisted Housing model.

Presenter: Sean Allen, Executive Director, First Homes: Rochester Area 
Sean Allen is the executive director of First Homes in Rochester. 
Minnesota. Ad director of First Homes, Sean has led a small but very 
visible organization with many different constituencies. Donors, 
Communities, lenders, funding agencies, for-profit and non-profit 
builders and developers all have been key elements of the First Homes 
programs. Formed to address the economic development and employer needs 
for housing in the greater Rochester area, First Homes has served more 
than 520 families since the summer of 2000 through their new rental 
units, new home purchases, and the First Homes Community Land Trust. 
Before First Homes, Sean was the community development director for 
Three Rivers Community Action, Inc. In Zumbrota, Minnesota, and served 
in the Peace Corps in Paraguay.

This lecture is free, but preregisration is required. 
Register at:  

By phone:  (617)-661-3016 x 127

Email:  help at lincolninst.edu

There are no parking facilities at Lincoln House

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