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Community Weaver Training Nov. 14-16
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November 14-16, 2005
(Free Training of Trainers of Volunteers Nov. 17-18)
Cascade People's Center *
309 Pontius Ave. N.
Seattle, Washington
In the aftermath of the recent disasters, communities are looking for 
ways to better prepare citizens, coordinate efforts at all levels and 
develop a pool of resources that can be tapped in an emergency. The 
Family Support Network is a non-profit organization that is growing a 
nation-wide interconnected network of trained volunteers who pool 
resources, network with one another and co-create initiatives for the 
health and safety of their communities.

This interconnected support system is mobilized in times of disaster to 
provide shelter, collect resources, make repairs, and show humankindness 
in times of need. Community Weavers are trained how to implement Family 
Support Networking in their community and receive the materials and 
support necessary to start-up Family Support Networks in schools, 
churches, neighborhoods, associations and agencies in communities. They 
learn how to recruit and train volunteers as Family Advocates/Liaisons 
who empower families to help themselves.

In this leadership training, you will gain insight into disaster 
preparedness efforts, transformative community building theories and 
practices. You will also learn practical applications of ABCD 
(Asset-Based Community Development) and Family Support principles that 
underpin the FSN methodology. All the tools, techniques, technology and 
expertise you need are provided to customize change initiative(s) that 
empower families toward self-sufficiency and that better meet the needs 
of your community.  

You'll be amazed at how easy it is to engage, train and mobilize a grass 
roots social support system that serves as a safety net for families, 
fosters social capital and functions interdependently with formal 
systems to improve the health, welfare and safety of the whole community 
from the inside out.
Cheryl Honey, C.P.P. & FSN Founder
Cheryl Honey is the pioneer of Transformative Community Building 
practices.  She founded the Family Support Network, a non-profit 
organization, in 1993 and has trained and certified over 400 Community 
Weavers and Family Advocates who are respected leaders and change agents 
in their communities. Cheryl graduated from Antioch University Seattle 
with B.A. in Liberal Arts. She received the Giraffe Award for sticking 
her neck out in 1996 and was presented with the Ambassador of Peace and 
Excellence in Leadership Awards from the International and 
Interreligious Federation for World Peace. The ABCD Institute and 
Institute for Civil Society have recognized the Family Support Network 
model as an exemplary approach to capacity building. Cheryl is a writer 
and lecturer and resides with her family in Bothell, Washington.

Jim Diers
Jim is on the ABCD faculty and author of Neighbor Power, a compilation 
of citizen driven initiatives that sparked the spirit of community in 
Seattle neighborhoods. He served 15 years in the Seattle Department of 
Neighborhoods and was instrumental in establishing the Neighborhood 
Matching Fund.
Marilyn Schoeman Dow
Marilyn is a Seattle-based creative strategist, international speaker 
and recent president of the American Creativity Association. She is the 
recipient of the David Tanner Champion of Creativity Award for creating 
BOFF-O!® (Brain On Fast Forward).

                      Suggested contribution:                     
(Includes training, materials & meals)
(No one will be turned away due to financial constraints)
Rooms have been reserved at the Baroness Hotel for attendees coming from 
outside the Seattle area.
To request registration information: register at
Cheryl Honey, C.P.P.
cheryl at
Family Support Network
"The more resourceful we are among ourselves, the more valuable a 
resource we become to our families, our communities and our world."
Good Neighbors Net is a web-based technology developed by social 
entrepreneurs in Boston that Community Weavers use to connect people 
together to share resources and spearhead activities and initiatives. To 
tour GNN features go to: This 
technology has flexible applications for connecting members of 
associations, neighborhoods, churches, and schools together. View 
GNN-Seattle at: to see how 
the Seattle neighborhood structure was replicated on this powerful 
*Cascade People's Center is located in the heart of one of Seattle's 
most culturally diverse communities, the Denny Regrade. We engage the 
families we serve by helping them organize a variety of activities and 
special events for the whole community. You are welcome to drop in and 
tour our center and walk through the garden that surrounds us.

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