Informing Redevelopment After Hurricane Katrina

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Informing Redevelopment After Hurricane Katrina:

The Role for Community-Based Research

Alumni Center

Southeastern Louisiana University

Hammond, Louisiana

October 7, 2005

10:00 am – 3:00 pm

In addition to the immediate relief of individuals, families and 
communities impacted by Hurricane Katrina, there are numerous 
redevelopment issues in need of attention across much of the Gulf South. 
Arguably, social scientists and community development practitioners have 
a great deal to offer in this regard, ranging from documenting and 
analyzing the psycho-social impacts of disaster to exploration of 
strategies for local and regional community economic development.

Unfortunately, there are many segments of the population – rural, poor, 
minority – that are often left out and unheard in decision making for 
development. On this basis, it is important to “amplify” the voices of 
these neglected and often underserved groups.

You are invited to a strategy meeting of community stakeholders, 
nongovernmental organizations and researchers interested in informing 
redevelopment following Hurricane Katrina. The goals of this meeting are 
to share information and other resources and to coordinate a response to 
redevelopment in the region. Participants will work to develop a 
research and action agenda.

Many of you are likely engaged with community-based and other forms of 
research following this disaster. Please come and share your thoughts 
and plans with others. Each of us can strategically focus our attention 
on particular communities, while at the same time coordinating our work.

Please RSVP by Friday, September 30 if you plan to attend this very 
important meeting. (A boxed lunch will be served. Please indicate 
whether you would prefer a vegetarian option.)

John J. Green, Institute for Community-Based Research

Delta State University

Phone: 662-846-4069 / Fax: 662-846-4099

E-mail: jgreen at

This event is sponsored by the Institute for Community-Based Research at 
Delta State University and the Department of Sociology and Criminal 
Justice at Southeastern Louisiana University, in partnership with the 
Mississippi Association of Cooperatives and Oxfam America.

Directions to Southeastern Louisiana University’s Alumni Center:

If going south on I-55 from Mississippi, take the first Hammond exit - 
Exit 32 - which is also the exit for Southeastern Louisiana University 
and for University Ave/Wardline Road. At the top of the ramp, take a 
left at the light onto University Ave (now going east). Proceed down 
University Ave about 1.8 miles to a small building on the left just past 
the large basketball arena with the dark green roof panels. The small 
building is the Alumni Center and has several yellow and green flags 
flying in front of it. The building is very close to the roadway (not 
set way back). The driveway is directly in front of the building, in the 
middle of the flag display. The meeting room is toward the back of the 
building and can be entered by a side door next to the parking lot.

The rest of Southeastern's campus buildings will appear on the right 
side of University Ave. You will see large dorms and other buildings 
across the street from the Alumni Center.

Coming north on I-55 (such as from I-12), take Exit 32 (University 
Ave/Wardline) and turn right at the light at the top of the ramp and 
travel about 1.8 miles to the Alumni Center.

Randy Stoecker

Associate Professor 

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