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Sat Jan 19 12:53:07 CST 2008


I am very pleased to announce the final COMM-ORG papers for 2007, 
available at They are:

Valerie Miller, Lisa VeneKlasen, Molly Reilly and Cindy Clark, Concepts 
for Revisioning Power for Justice, Equality and Peace

Molly Reilly and Akanksha Marphatia, Forging a Global Movement: New 
Education Rights Strategies for the US and the World

Andrea Robles and Julie Whitaker, with Louise (Mankowski) Randall, Donna 
Tompkins, Joan Vroman, Vicki Walejko Margaret Bau, Participatory 
Research at Cooperative Care: Supporting Caregivers and Building a 
Unified Cooperative

Andrea Robles, Jodi Wortsman, and Ariel Kaufman, Housing and Community 
in South Madison: Local Residents’ Viewpoints and Experiences

As always, feel welcomed to discuss the papers on the list.

Randy Stoecker
moderator, editor, COMM-ORG
rstoecker at

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