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From: marcus.b.griffin at gmail.com

I work as a consulting anthropologist to development projects run by the
US Army in Iraq and Afghanistan. As you may know the military conducts
many forms of reconstruction and community development in partnership
with USAID. I was recently asked if I could locate someone who would be
interested in a full-time instructional position teaching the basic
concepts of applied research methods as they relate to community
development and assessing the needs of communities. My own preference is
someone who experienced in the participatory approach but that was not
mentioned and not a necessity. I know of your work and immediately
thought to ask you if you know of someone available, perhaps a former
student of yours. The position will be in Leavenworth, Kansas and will
be a standard at-will, corporate employment contract with full benefits
and a competitive salary. Employment will be as soon as possible.

Marcus B. Griffin, Ph.D.


913.667.9249      Mobile

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