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[ed:  thanks to Dave for the response.]

From: "David Beckwith" <dbeckwith at needmorfund.org>

I tracked the last debate - Gingrich mentioned Alinsky more often than
Reagan! Demonizing with a Jewish-sounding name, a secret knowledge - like
blaming the Masons or the Illuminati... another "dog whistle". These secret
knowledge attacks are very exciting to the true believers, and the audience
for the talk show hosts and Fox News. Just as the "insiders" of the inverse
side like to show how much we know about the real story by talking about the
origins of the tea party in the john birch society, and the money from the
Koch Brothers.

Not to be equating the "two sides", but I don't think the narrative plays
very far beyond the core in either case, but it energizes that core,
confirms their insider status and keeps them insulated from rational
argument. I think.

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> Hi COMM-ORG.  It appears that another presidential election season
> brings another round of references to Saul Alinsky.  This time the
> references are coming from Newt Gingrich.  I must admit that I only know
> of these references through the news reports about them, but they sound
> reminiscent of four years ago. 
> So I am wondering, is the Alinsky trashing playing the same way now as
> four years ago?  How are community organizers responding?  How are poor
> and working class folks responding?  Any thoughts out there.
> Randy Stoecker
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