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Mon Sep 3 10:22:38 CDT 2012

Tenants and Workers United <info at tenantsandworkers.org>

TWU needs your support.

Read about the Housing Crisis Campaign, donate, call JBG (see the 
attached flyer), volunteer and come show greedy developers who this city 
belongs to!

For over 20 years developers and elected officials have been at war with 
working people and people of color in Alexandria. In the last decade 
over 10,000 working families have been forced from our City Before that, 
Black residents of the City have had whole neighborhoods bought up and 
leveled including Shirley Duke, the Dip, the Berg and now the uptown 
projects. City officials claim their hands are tied. Their hands weren't 
tied when Route 1 was built right on top of a [ 
]thriving Black neighborhood. In Arlandria just last year, the City 
granted permission for a 7 story high-cost high rise. This will speed 
the exodus of working class Latinos from our City. In June the Mayor and 
City Council voted to approve a mega-development in Alexandria's West 
End that will displace thousands more – mostly Latino, African, Middle 
Eastern and African American from the West End.

Declaration of Our Right to the City
This is our City. We built it. We provide services that allow it to run 
– we drive cabs, clean rooms, cook meals, file papers, cut grass, and 
create roads, provide medical support, build homes. Our children run, 
play and learn in public schools. Our tax dollars fill the public 
treasury. Yet still the war against us continues. Each time the rent 
increases more of our neighbors leave. We could leave and join the 
legions on busses and on the road commuting from Woodbridge or Manassas. 
This City belongs to those who built it, live in it, and have made it 
what it is. We believe that every Alexandrian deserves shelter, access 
to education and healthcare, and democratic power.

Building the Movement One step at a Time
For twenty years developers and City officials have systematically 
worked to drive low-income people of color from the City. Time is short. 
Our first step is to stop and rollback the outrageous rent increases in 
the West End. JBG, the big developer in the West End, has increased 
rents and utility charges $500 / month in the last two years. Little by 
little they are driving working people, poor people and people of color 
from the West End. Enough is enough. Don't run. Don't meekly hand over 
your paycheck. Join us, together let's stop the rent increase. Join us, 
together let's demand a rent roll back. Join us, together let's build a 
movement and fight for our Right to the City!

Donate now to show your support!

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