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"Eddie Carmona, PICO National Network" <news at piconetwork.org>


Yesterday I watched proudly as our brother, Eugenio Gomez, boldly shared 
with national reporters the pain of his 9 months in detention in New 
Jersey. As a result of clergy and leaders speaking up together, Eugenio 
was released just last Thursday. Yesterday, standing side by side with 
US Congressman Luis Gutiérrez and PICO partners, Eugenio spoke of the 
sorrow he had carried in being separated from his family and church 
community, about losing 50 pounds while detained, and about the deep 
concern he felt being transferred between facilities without his 
family's knowledge.

What is so sad about this story is that since June, over 100,000 
immigrants like Eugenio - who would be eligible for a path to 
citizenship under the bi-partisan legislation approved by the Senate and 
supported by a majority of House Members - have instead been detained 
and deported. Instead of calling for a vote on citizenship our 
Congresspeople continue to allow aspiring Americans to be ripped apart 
from their families.

Join us on October 5th for a National Day of Action as PICO and partners 
hold prayer rallies and marches in over 80 locations across the country, 
calling on the House to enact real reform that respects the dignity of 
our families. [ 
https://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/2115/signup_page/natl-day-of-action ]

We have seen that our stories and action have power. In July Congressman 
Coffman (R-CO) announced, at a gathering of Together Colorado clergy and 
community members, that in response to the immigrant stories he had 
heard he would support an earned path to citizenship. And he is just one 
of 8 Republicans PICO is in relationship with who has stood up for 
creating an earned pathway to citizenship.

But this process is moving too slowly, and the current piecemeal 
approach with harsh racial profiling language like the un-SAFE Act is 
not good enough for our families. Though we were able to stop Eugenio's 
deportation there are thousands more aspiring Americans who are not as 
fortunate. That is why we must stand together during this October 5th 
National Day of Action to declare to Congress that our families deserve 
a vote on citizenship now.

Add your voice: Click here to find an October 5th event near you. [ 
https://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/2115/signup_page/natl-day-of-action ]

https://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/2115/signup_page/natl-day-of-action [ 
https://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/2115/signup_page/natl-day-of-action ]

Our movement will not rest until there is a clear and inclusive path to 
citizenship for all 11 million aspiring American, and until we stop the 
destruction of our families through detention and deportation.

In prayer and action,


Eddie Carmona
Campaign Manager - Campaign for Citizenship
PICO National Network

P.S. Check out yesterday's press conference, covered by the Washington 
Post. [ 


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