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From: "Eddie Carmona, PICO National Network" <news at piconetwork.org>


Jesus Magana was deployed in Kuwait when he found out that his sister, 
Alejandra had been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. His 
world crashed down.

"I was risking my life for my country," he recounted to me yesterday 
over lunch, "but it was this very same country that was taking my sister 
away. I had to do something." Last weekend, Jesus and 40 others drove 
from Arizona to Washington, DC to pray for Speaker Boehner to stop the 
delays and take action on creating an earned pathway to citizenship this 
fall for people like Alejandra.

In 2008, Jesus committed to serving his country by joining the Air 
Force, believing that there is no greater service than to lay down one's 
life for others. Today, he is practicing the same courageous service to 
his country and community by sharing his family's story with Members of 
Congress and praying for them to have the wisdom and compassion to 
create a pathway to citizenship for 11 million aspiring Americans.

You can talk directly to your Members of Congress too. Send a message to 
your Representative now – share your story of what the cost of their 
inaction looks like in your community and why a pathway to citizenship 
is urgent for our families this fall. [ 

Three weeks ago Alejandra was released from detention. After 2 years of 
being held without a hearing, Jesus, his mother, and extended family – 
all citizens – were able to push for her release on bond. Alejandra and 
Jesus celebrated by continuing a ritual they'd missed for 2 seasons – 
they watched Monday night football together.

Every day thousands of our brothers and sisters are not as fortunate as 

That is why Jesus and other leaders traveled all the way from Arizona to 
Washington, DC to press Speaker Boehner to allow a vote on citizenship 
this fall.

Today a Congressman thanked Jesus for his prayers, telling him that, 
"Change in Congress comes from the outside in – not from DC out". Change 
in Congress comes as they hear from you.

Let's bring change to Congress this fall. Click here to send your 
representative an email telling them why a pathway to citizenship for 
all 11 million must be created today. [ 


La lucha sigue – The struggle continues,


Eddie Carmona
Campaign Manager - Campaign for Citizenship
PICO National Network

PS – Click here to see photos of their time of prayer in DC featured in 
the Arizona Republic. [ 
http://www.azcentral.com/photo/News/Other/26837/727197 ]


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